Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Quick Update

I am sad to say that my daughter is NOT the new President of Degrassi Junior High. Fortunately, she has since decided that it would take up too much of her spare time and is now focusing all her energy on her thirteenth birthday next week. Priorities, I suppose.

Also, thanks for the Turkey Day wishes. I have to admit though, I didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving. No Pauly, I didn't have moose either. We actually had ham, scalloped potatoes, and assorted vegetables. There was pumpkin pie, but no - I didn't have any. Ick. No offense to the 'chef' who brought it along, I am just not a pie fan. Though I did sample a half piece of irish cream nanaimo bars - those were really good.

I am still struggling to catch up and get back to my normal schedule after being sick for a few weeks and shuttling parental-types to and from the hospital, but I will try to post more regularly this week.