Monday, September 12, 2005

Up Two Hours and I Need a Nap

Can you believe September is almost half over already? Wow...I am in shock. The weekend flew by so fast I barely remember it happening.

Friday night I went to the casino to play in my weekly Calgary tournament, though I didn't do too great. I landed in about 22nd out of 50 to the best of my calculations. I've had a little bit of a bad run this past week, which I am sure is just karma rearing her ugly little head after having two back-to-back stellar ones. Oh well, I laugh in the face of variance, she doesn't frighten me. (Much.) Maybe I will just quietly wait out the swing.

Saturday night I went to my brother's house and we played a home game tournament and he barbequed up some butter chicken and potato/vegetable packs. T'was awesome food, and a great time as always. Thanks also to SirRevAl who stepped up to play a freeroll entry for me that I made but couldn't play in due to the home game. Al kicked all kinds of ass and landed me in the final table. All of us over at my brother's house were actually watching him play, though I couldn't chat to him so he had no idea. Thanks again Al :)

Though I don't want to curse it by saying it - chances are looking good for me to go to Vegas this December. I am keeping my fingers crossed.