Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shameless Blogger Bonus Code Pimpage

I signed up for Titan Poker yesterday since my Calgary tournament has now switched homes due to the recent Empire takeover of Noble. Let me tell you - this whole Noble/Titan thing is a goldmine.


Play smart, play slow, and the money is there for the taking. I only bought in for $200, but I almost doubled that in 3 hours of $2/4 limit ring games. Not multi-tabling, either - that was all on one table. I don't even play ring games often, but it is hard to refuse these ones. If you are interested, go hit Pauly up for a link to Titan and try it out. 100% bonus, what more can I say.

While you are at it, go hit up my favorite IM-a-shotter Iggy for some links to other sites too.

Am I the only one itching for another WPBT event? I am going through withdrawls...I really miss being able to play against everyone. Also, the fact that the leaderboard needs updating from like, three events ago is gnawing away at me. Does anyone have a list of who placed what? I wouldn't mind updating it, but I need the info.