Thursday, October 06, 2005

Junior High Was Just Yesterday

One of the hardest things about getting older is realizing that the recent memories you have are actually not recent at all. When I think back to Junior High (in Canada that is grades 7-9) it doesn't seem all that long ago.

Now, my daughter is in grade 8 and is running for School President. Oh my. My little political offspring will find out the results today, so please keep your virtual fingers crossed for her.

So we have hockey again, eh? I only have one word for that: BAH. I stopped caring what happened in the NHL years ago and I have little-to-no intention of watching it this year either. That said, I know that deep down something will trigger in my canuck blood and I will be drawn to it inexplicably like
Al to a Soco shipment.

In happier news, it is good to live in Alberta. Our Province is so rich that our Premier Ralph Klein (Canada's equivalent to US Governers) is sending a cheque to every Alberta resident for $400. I am planning to use part of it to cover the increased fuel cost of gassing up my car, and the rest I want to donate to Hurricane Relief - hopefully via some poker tournaments if there are any more. Gas prices here average $1.05/litre now, which converts to $4.20/gallon. There isn't much difference between our dollar and the USD anymore, so needless to say fuel prices have skyrocketed here.

I am finally over the flu that has plagued me for the past 3 weeks, so I am looking forward to doing a little partying, playing a live tournament tomorrow night, and enjoying the three-day Thanksgiving weekend coming up. Yes, Tryptophan Day is Monday here in Canuckland. I will definitely be sedated in a turkey coma next week.