Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend Over Too Soon

Since I work from home, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday during the summer. Now that school is back in full swing though, I thoroughly appreciated getting to sleep in for three days straight.

Now, at 11pm on Monday night, I find myself wishing for just one more day to laze about in bed all morning, getting up when I feel like it rather than when my alarm shakes me out of a dream. Oh well, back to reality.

I had a good weekend, though it was really busy. Since I began writing for Card Squad last week, I have spent even more time on my computer, though I didn't think that was possible. Working seven days a week is an adjustment, but I am enjoying every moment of the process. I won't for a minute complain about being able to write for a living, from home, at whatever hour I choose - but it is a lot of work.

Fortunately, I managed to get in some poker time this weekend too. I played in a $1000 freeroll on Noble yesterday, which I gained entry to by placing in the top 3 places in a MTT last week. There were 195 players, and I finished in 6th place, making another final table. Last night I went to the casino to play in my weekly live tournament. I didn't do as well there, busting out in the second hour. I decided that I was just going to kick back and have a few beers, and was joined by my brother and several other players where we drank and chatted until almost 2am.

Remember, starting September 12, Stars will be running their Katrina relief tournaments, so sign up for as many as possible. Also, you can check out Wil Wheaton's live blogging reports of the WCOOP over at Card Squad.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!