Monday, October 17, 2005

Tournament Theory

What a weekend. Flew by way too fast, as most enjoyable weekends do.

On Friday night I had a dial-a-shot conference call with April and Iggy, which turned into a four-hour discussion about online tournament poker strategy, among many other fascinating topics. You guys are the best, by the way - that was a ton 'o fun.

Iggy expressed his hope that I would discuss my thoughts and theories about tournament play in a blog post, so I have begun. However, I will be posting them over at CardSquad because, well, I am sure it is obvious why.

You can click here to read the series, which will continue over the next few days. Yes, I am giving away all my 'trade secrets' ;)

Saturday night I played in the PokerStars Deep Stacks tournament and came in 70th out of 1100. I doubled my entry, but it took 7 hours and 1 minute to accomplish that minor victory. The full tournament ran 11 hours before crowning a champion, but I would play it again in a heartbeat. I really enjoyed the format, though it certainly wouldn't appeal to everyone.

Last night I played in my weekly live tournament, and placed 12th out of 50th. Not a great showing, but it was fun as always.

I'll be focusing on writing that tournament series for the next couple of days - hope you enjoy it.