Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Tournaments

The rush continues, I am happy to say.

I scored my first victory in the Calgary tournament that I play several times a week. Down to three players with only 340 chips vs. 4500 and 5000 or so, I managed to double up several times and claim first place. That ties me for second on the leaderboard there - though it looks like they are going to start a new one in September.

Then last night I played yet another MTT on Noble. Pauly and Drizz came along for the ride, and we battled it out against 76 others. Drizz got KO'd after about an hour and went to sleep. Pauly and I ended up on the same table, and carried on to land in the top 20 when he suffered one of the worst beats I have seen in a while. A9 vs A6 and a 6 spikes on the river to take him out. Was there a last longer bet on the side between him and I you may ask? Well of course there was, we are - after all - professional gamblers. I believe the count is 12 beer you owe me now, eh Pauly? ;)

After he got knocked out I went on a super rush and had the table completely dominated. My average chip count was 45,000 and the next closest was 12,000. It had all the makings of a sure win for me - except, I didn't. I busted out in third after making a few bad decisions and taking a couple bad beats. Oh well - still just can't complain.

Speaking of last-longer bets, stay tuned for another tale coming soon. Bobby Bracelet is mailing off something to me shortly in payment of our game from last Thursday. I am refraining from guessing what it will be, because quite frankly - I am a little afraid. Will it be huge? Will it be junk? Will it be huge junk? The jury is out. I promise pictures once I get it.

I'm going to end today with a little teaser. I got a new job. Yes, other than playing online tournaments. I don't want to give out more information until the details are finalized, but I'll fill you in over the next couple of days.