Thursday, August 25, 2005

Canuck Mixology 101, eh?

After a whirlwind week of nothing but checking and folding, raising and limping, I decided it was high time to relax with a beverage or two. I wasn't even planning to fire up a poker site.

Well, we all know how long that lasted. More on that in a bit.

I decided to make one of my favorite drinks, which is also the number one selling cocktail in Canada - a Caesar. This is similar to a Bloody Mary, except in place of the tomato juice we use Mott's Clamato. What is clamato you may ask? Well, it is a blend of tomato juice and clam broth. Sounds really quite disgusting when you say it like that, but I can assure you that with one taste you would be hooked.

The only problem with drinking those is the actual mixology required to make it perfect, and since I bartended for too many years to count, I won't accept anything less than perfection. First step is to salt the rim. Take a wedge of lime and run it around the rim of the glass, ideally leaving little bits of pulp behind. Next step is to dip it into celery salt. No, not just any salt will do - it must be celery salt and it shouldn't be more than 3mm thick on the rim.

Add some ice to your glass, and a shot (or two - dealer's choice) of vodka. I am picky and prefer only Stoli for my Caesars, but any vodka will do, really. Next, fill the glass about 5/6 full with the clamato. You really don't want to use just any clam either, Mott's is the best and the difference is quite noticable if you cheap out on this step. Add tobasco and worcestershire sauce to taste, and squeeze in some more of the lime that you used for the rim. if you are really fancy you could add a stalk of celery to the mix, as that is how they are served in restaurants, however I don't bother with this.

Drink, enjoy, repeat.

As you can tell, it becomes a bit tedious to make several of these in a night, so I almost always switch over to Clam-eyes, which is three parts beer and one part clamato. Ahhh much easier. Now I can focus on playing some online poker.

I signed up for my 8pm nightly tournament, and was short-stacked throughout most of the game. I went on a mini-rush near the end and became chipleader for the briefest of momemts, then bubbled out in 4th place after making a few bad back-to-back calls. No leaderboard points for me :(

Still in the mood to play some tournaments, I joined the $5+R tourney. I was chipleader for most of the game and made it to the final table, but unfortunately that is as far as I went. I barely squeezed into the money as I went out in 10th place, but I am overall really happy with my play.

There is a live tournament tonight at one of the local casinos which I was thinking about going to, $20+rebuy but no add on. I am playing live on Saturday night again so I may pass on this one, but I am still undecided at this point. Either way, I am pretty sure I will be hitting up some tournaments this evening.