Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tourney Top Five

I don't care how many of you don't like Noble, all the more fish for me. As mentioned, I have been playing nightly tourneys and ring games there recently with some success. The past two days have been even better though.

Thursday - $15 MTT, placed 2nd
Thursday - $20 MTT, placed 5th
Friday - $3+R MTT, placed 1st
Saturday - $10 MTT, placed 6th
Saturday - $5+R, placed 5th

All the tournaments I played had a field between 70-90 players, so even though the prizes weren't huge, it still beats the hell outta playing the $1, 2200-entrant tournaments for 6 hours to only make a buck or two.

I really didn't expect to even place in the one last night, as I joined late night after a few hours of IM-a-shots with Felicia, Iggy, Tactix, Drizz, Chad, and Spaceman. However Tac and I decided to enter it anyways, which turned out to be a good decision on both our parts. He placed 8th (in the money) and I scooped first place after going on a major rush. The only downside was it was 3am my time when it finished, and there was no one around to share my victory with. Damn people needing their sleep! ;)

Anyways, I am going to be playing a few more multi's this afternoon, then I am heading to the casino tonight for a live tournament. Hopefully, I will be reporting good things tomorrow.