Monday, April 11, 2005

What can you buy for $1.91?

What a weekend. It has finally warmed up here, and I actually spent some time outdoors enjoying it. When I wasn't outside, I was hitting the tables with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, they were hitting back.

I ended up being down overall, but after not playing for the better part of two weeks I didn't expect much different. Friday night was pretty crazy at the tables. Quite honestly, I played with so many different people that it would take forever to link them all up. (Plus, I was drinking beer and didn't take notes, so that makes it a bit more difficult.) I know Pauly was there. Al was too - and made the money in one of the O8 tournaments I was playing / sweating. Rod, Felicia and Maudie were definitely playing as well. Basically, just assume half of the blogroll showed up, and you would be about right!

My good news for the weekend? I did make the money in two tournaments:

Tournament #1
177th place of 2077 players, top 225 pay. $2.00 NLHE. Profit: $1.32

Tournament #2
162nd place of 1999 players, top 180 pay. $1.00 NLHE. Profit: $0.59

Nice, eh? Any suggestions on what I should buy with my whopping profit of $1.91?

Here is my list so far:
- Two packs, less one piece, of gum.
- An extra large, one-cream two-sugar coffee at Tim Hortons, which leaves me $0.36 to spare. (Plus I can RRRRRRRrrrrroll up the rim to win. If you aren't Canadian, dont ask)
- A third of a can 'o Spam
- Three boxes of Kraft Dinner
- Forty-two packs of Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Noodles
- One twelfth of a bottle of SOCO
- Two bottles of pop

Serves me right for playing such low limits.

In other news, Iggy has posted the details for the WPBT WSOP Satellite:

Sunday, April 24
7pm EST
$30 +$3

That is going to be one helluva time, watching one of our own kick some ass at a WSOP table!