Monday, April 04, 2005

Quick Update

Well, as I begin day seven of not smoking, I feel almost ready to communicate with people again. Thanks again to everyone for your support through the comments and emails I received.

I decided to go MIA this weekend to have some time to myself. I barely even looked at the computer. Instead, I read a few novels, did a bunch of writing, played hours upon hours of Playstation, barbequed every meal, and did a whole bunch of deep-breathing exercises. It is amazing how entertaining breathing can be when you play exorcist to the toxins in your system, experiencing your first good hit of oxygen to the brain in almost two decades.

However, as great and magical as the benefits may be or sound, it is still brutally hard. I truly feel as though I have lost an old friend, and when I think about having a smoke and remember that I can't - it is crushingly devastating to my soul. Fortunately, those times are fewer and farther between with each day that passes.

I have some things on the agenda for this afternoon, but I think I may finally feel up to playing some poker tonight.