Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Night Poker and the WPBT Leaderboard.

Believe it or not, I actually played some poker last night.

I didn't play well, mind you, but I did play.

Pauly, Maudie and I tried our luck in the PokerStars satellite to the Bellagio WPT event. I busted out early when my all-in raise with KK met AA and 99. Sure enough, the 9's found a set on the flop.

Maudie lasted way longer than I did, but we ended up railbirding Pauly as he lasted somewhere into the top 30's out of 311 players. Unfortunately, only the top 2 places advanced.

I continued on to Party Poker, where I proceeded to lose a little more money (oh the shame!) before calling it a night.

However, I have renewed gusto to play once again, and after my semi-unplanned hiatus, I am going to return in full force this weekend. Reading the WPBT Leaderboard today certainly helped. I am currently in 19th place - no complaints here!

Well, I am off to hit the tables. Good luck to everyone, and enjoy your Friday night!