Monday, August 08, 2005

Home Game

There has been so much confusion lately that it was finally time to put everything aside and just play some poker.

I headed over to my brother's house earlier today for some NLHE action. We were only able to play one tournament, so we didn't waste time with pleasantries and such, we just sat and got right down to business.

I had terrible cards for most of the game, but that didn't stop me from betting recklessly at every pot that I ventured into. Fortunately I picked a night where my opponents were playing super tight, so I got away with it for the most part. They were getting a little tired of my forceful play, and the one time Jess made a stand against me was the time I actually had pocket kings vs. her pocket sevens.

One by one I took them out and emerged victorious. Unfortunately, we didn't stop at the bank machine on the way there, so we were forced to play a freeroll format. All I won were the bragging rights - but I am making the most of that, of course ;)

I'm going to finish off the night playing some SNG's over at Noble, taking my stab at the million dollar challenge. Pauly and I were haunting those tables a few days ago, and I hear that Grubby is working on it as well. Good luck guys!