Friday, August 05, 2005

Picture Dump

Random pictures taken on the trip from Calgary to Ontario and back

Jess at the Terry Fox Memorial

Saskatchewan. Yes, it is that boring.

Chipmunk at our cabin

You know you have entered Ontario when you see nothing but lakes and trees

Boats docked on Lake Superior in Thunder Bay

The Canadian Shield

The infamous Yonge Street in Ontario

This is the lake where we were / are / might possibly move

This is my baby. It killed me to leave her behind again

Bridge to America at the Sarnia, On / Port Huron, MI border

View of Port Huron, from the bridge

Lake Huron, from the bridge. We were on the bridge for a while

Entering Michigan. Looks a lot like Ontario.


Not what you expect to see in Wisconsin

More Wisconsin

Somewhere in between Minneapolis and Fargo

North Dakota - the west side

Rolling hills of Montana

Final stretch home. To the west of Calgary lie the Rocky Mountains. To the east, north and south there is a lot of very, very flat land. However, it still isnt as bad as Saskatchewan.