Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back in the Game

Ok, I have stretched out this hiatus for about as long as I can. Too much going on these days, so I am just going to ramble on for a while.

First of all - I assume that everyone is reading Pauly's WSOP live blog reports. I am sure I am not the only one who is jealous about the fact that he gets to spend a couple of months in Vegas, reporting, meeting all the players, etc., but make no mistake - this is hard work he is doing. I think the fact that he has been in Vegas for almost two weeks and hasn't been to one strip club speaks volumes about the work load. ;) We sit at home or work grinding out our daily routine, but for a few minutes everyday we can escape into the world of high stakes poker, larger-than-life casinos, celebrity antics, and laugh at the seedier side of Vegas. So thanks, Pauly, for providing us all with such excellent coverage.

I resumed playing my MTT's last night, when Drizz told me was in one that started in 11 minutes, so I decided to join. I'm not sure exactly what place I finished in, but it was about 30 outside of the bubble. Thanks to Maigrey for sweating as well :) I am going to try to play one a night for a while, as I am now spending my days writing and packing.

I am going through serious Vegas withdrawls. Even though I didn't go to the blogger's event, I think reading all the trip reports has given me the bug even worse than before. It has been four months since I have been there, after all. Far too long, in my humble opinion.

A big thanks again to all the bloggers that delivered dial-a-shots to me while you were in Vegas. It was great being involved even in that little way, and I really appreciate the fact that I was remembered while you were all away having a great time - so thanks again :)