Sunday, May 29, 2005

Home Game Saturday

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It was my Dad's birthday this weekend, so that meant another family home game. Just six of us this time, and we played two tournaments of NLHE.

I have to give my Mom credit. She is the only one of us who isn't at least somewhat passionate about poker, yet she still pays her entry fee and ultimately lets one of us take her out of the game each and every time. She also provides an endless source of amusement to us all through her rants. I love teasing her when she goes on about how she doesn't enjoy gambling. "Go buy another lottery ticket while I play poker then" I tell her.

Even my daughter was in on the teasing. My Mom was calling yet another pot, complaining the whole time that she "might as well go broke" because she wasn't getting any cards. My daughter bluffed her out of the pot, looked her straight in the eye, and flipped over her bluff. "It's not rocket science, Grandma", she said with a stone cold expression. "It's poker".

Then her and I got into yet another "discussion". She started to say that poker was all luck. If you didn't get the cards, you couldn't win. Needless to say - every chance I was in a hand with her, I wouldn't look at my hole cards and bluffed her out of as many pots as I could just to prove my point. Yeah yeah, I am going to hell, I know.

This point of this post is not to pick on her - but rather to point out how much fun she actually makes the game with her rants and raves. I can't wait for the next one. She will inevitably buy her way in, and I will be there to call her on every one of her complaints.

Anyways - my Dad and Brother chopped 1st place in game #1, and my Dad and I battled it out for first place in game #2 where he emerged victorious. Oh well, it was his birthday; I don't mind letting him win one.

Just one though ;)

Since we started early, I was home in time to play some $25NL with some fellow bloggers. I had a lot of success on my second table. I managed to drop the hammer twice, and doubled up when a certain blogger raised me and then called my all-in as I held pocket jacks when the flop hit 23J. I am not one to mention names - but it was fun, nonetheless ;)