Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tournaments, Freerolls, and Other Stuff

I took the weekend off from playing poker, but returned with a vengeance last night. I played in the $20+2 MTT for a guaranteed $30,000 again, and finished in 70th out of 1917. The highlight was being chip leader at the first break, with T8080. I might have finished a bit higher, but I was also micro-limiting the O8 on Stars with Al, plus dial-a-shotting him and Pauly. Too damn many things going on at once, but it was a fun night. Thanks also to April who sweated me :)

After that tournament, I decided to play in the $5.00 Speed Tourney. Wow – those are insane, the blinds go up every 3 minutes. I finished in 93d place out of approximately 1010 players after only 1 hour and 5 minutes of play.

If you haven’t already, go read Pauly for the details on his freeroll tonight over at Noble. Should be another good time.

So, Star Wars, eh? At the risk of completely geeking out - I am going to talk about the movie for a minute.

I was five years old when the original Star Wars came out. I realize a lot of the bloggers here weren't even born then. Crazy. Anyways, I don't think I saw "A New Hope" until I was 7 or 8, but I was hooked from then on. We had all the action figurines, the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing fighters, etc, etc. We even had an "Empire Strikes Back" record album, which was the entire movie on vinyl. I actually had to explain to my daughter that vinyl is a material that they used to make "records", and no, we didn't have CDs or DVDs then. I also had to explain that Blockbuster video didn't exist, and you couldn't just go to the store to buy a copy of the movie. (I didn't even bother getting into the whole Beta vs. VHS story.) Makes ya feel kind of old...

Anyways, all the kids on our street played "Star Wars" endlessly, and it really was a defining aspect of our childhood.

Now that I have seen all the movies though, I really wish I had just left it at the first three. Maybe I am too much of a girl, but I really didn't need to see Anakin turn into Vader. It did not give me the closure on the whole story like it apparently did for so many others.

Yes, it was a really good movie from a technical standpoint, and the story line itself was the best of the three most recent episodes. However, I can honestly say that knowing what I know now, I wish I didn’t see it at all. When I think of Star Wars, I would rather just think of the memories from my childhood.

Maybe I should go see it again though, just to be sure...