Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday, eh?

I can't believe it is Wednesday, wow. This week is flying by.

So I made the cut over at Pauly's site on "Top 5 Canadian Chicks I'd Like to Drink Moosehead With". Quite an honor. Probably will be the only list in history that I actually place higher than Elisha Cuthbert, too. I still think Neve Campbell should have made the list though. Anyways, thanks dude. You still top my list of people I would most like to be stuck in the middle of Fargo, ND with ;)


Poker. Ah yes, poker. I knew there was a reason I started this blog.

I have been grinding away at the ring games again after a fairly successful run in tournaments over the past month. I played a total of 20 tourneys (not including the WPBT), and finished within the top 10 percent 15/20 times. My short-term goal is to place top 10% in 9/10 of the tourneys I play, so I am once again in the process of analyzing hand histories and finding leaks in my game. Thanks go out to Rod, who helps me considerably with this.

On a completely unrelated tangent....
I am not a huge reality TV fan and never watched American Idol until this year, but holy shit....did you see Bo last night? He is yummy amazing.