Tuesday, February 15, 2005

27 Hours and Counting...

I apologize in advance.

This blog entry may be rather large, but since I am not going to be home for the better part of six days I feel the need to write a bit now while I have the time. That, plus the fear of being placed back on the dreaded languishing list of the
Blogfather keeps the words flowing ;)

I went to the store last night and bought a notebook, so while traveling I could do some writing about the trip and whatever else comes to mind. Calgary to Vegas direct is only a three-hour flight, but due to a last minute scramble trying to get this trip booked, I didn't end up quite that lucky. My parents have volunteered to drop me off at the airport, but since they have plans tomorrow morning, I will be at Calgary International more than three hours prior to take off. Then my plane connects through Seattle, where I have a layover for another three. However, armed with my notebook, three poker books, and a novel (A Son of the Circus, John Irving) I won't have time to be bored.

I somehow doubt that I will even crack open the books though, as I am most looking forward to doing some writing. I don't deem it necessary to divulge what it is I write on here (if you really want to know, feel free to email me), but it is the process of actual pen-to-paper writing that I am looking forward too. Old school style. I can imagine that there is a collective shudder happening simultaneously among all those under the age of 23 who grew up knowing what the word Pentium was, not wanting to comprehend the actual process of completing a piece of work without the help of Microsoft Word or spell check. When I actually sit down and put pen to paper, it brings me back to a place before computers took over the world. I honestly go on a bit of a nostalgia trip back to the 80's. I can hear the Sex Pistols, The Cult and The Cure in the background. Musical Youth were Passing the Dutchie, though who really cares if it was on the left or right hand side, just pass the damn thing already! Before The Smiths faded and only Morrissey emerged, and they were known for more than just the theme song to the TV show "Charmed".

However, this blog is supposed to be about poker, so I digress....

I somehow doubt that I will do any online play while I am there since the real thing is at my fingertips so to speak, but the laptop will be fired up in my hotel room just in case I don't get quite enough action at the tables. Also assuming, of course, that I am not too incoherent to be able to focus on the screen. (Those damn free drinks.....) At the very least, the laptop will enable me to keep up with my blog reading while I have my morning acetaminophen and hair-of-the-dog cocktail.

I made a list of things I wanted to do while there this trip:

(1) I am planning to play in no less than two NLHE tournaments, but hopefully three or four if I can manage it.
(2) Since I have never seen one of the "big" Las Vegas shows (only Legends In Concert at the Imperial Palace which is an impersonation act), we decided to go see Folies Bergere. I am really looking forward to that, and can't believe how cheap it is. For two of us, including dinner, it is only $106.00. Crazy.
(3) Even though I have driven up and down the entire strip many, many times, I have never actually made it inside a casino South of Caesar's Palace, so that is another goal.
(4) Drop the Hammer during a live tournament, at least once
(5) Take advantage of some of the free sites - the Bellagio Fountains, Treasure Island's Pirate Show, etc. etc.
(6) Play something other than blackjack at Binions
(7) To NOT go to Hoover Dam (been there, done that....twice!)
(8) To have at least one of each of my favorite drinks - and not just drink beer the entire time - though maybe not all in one sitting ;) This includes SoCo shots, Tequila shots, Margaritas, Alabama Slammers, Lemon Drops, Harvey Wallbangers, Screwdrivers, Caesars (or Bloody Mary's to the Americans), well...the list goes on and on.....
(9) Play blackjack by the pool
and finally......
(10) To actually write something about my trip, do something worthy of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", and remain just coherent enough to remember it ;)

Have a great week / weekend everybody. For the next 6 days Joanne will be missing, presumed drunk.