Saturday, February 05, 2005


(This post is in reference to the one directly below it)
I played three FPP (frequent player point) satellites, to no avail. I actually came in second in one of them, but since only first place wins an entry, I was no further ahead than being 1st out.

However, I then joined an 11+rebuy satellite, and made the cut there! For $31 (buy in, one rebuy, and one add-on) I earned the coveted entry. More about the satellite was crazy!

I don't know how the other sites work, but at PokerStars you have the option to either stay entered in the tournemnt, or "withdraw" your entry for, in this case, $215 tournament dollars. These tournament dollars can only be used to enter tournaments and SNG's, (not ring games) but any prize money you win is of course paid out in cold hard cash.

I decided to withdraw my entry for now, and see what I could do with the $215. I am currently playing a $11+rebuy MTT, (prize pool $49,660.00) so depending on the outcome of that I will decide what to do next. I find it kind of funny since the whole reason I entered that satellite was to win an entry for tomorrow, and the first thing I do is withdraw it. However if I don't place, that is alot of "money" that goes down the drain. Being a tournament and SNG player predominently, that $215 can go along way and make a lot of profit for me.

(It should be said, whatever balance I have left from the "tournament dollars" can still be put towards the big tourney tomorrow)

What would you do?