Monday, February 14, 2005

Let's see how they handle this one....

(copy of email sent to PokerStars support)

I am writing because of what happened tonight in the $11+R Turbo Satellite, #5285559, February 14 1:00EST.

There were technical problems that started just prior to the 30 minute cut off period, and when the rebuy period should have ended, the tournament continued on for the better part of an hour - with the tournament clock frozen.

I personally had more than enough chips at that time that I did not have to re-buy (or couldn't - for that matter). However since we were forced to play on with no end in sight, I ended up having to rebuy two more times which I never would have had to do had the tournament run as scheduled. I am sure that you can appreciate that we play these tournaments using a certain strategy, and that ability was taken away from us tonight when the server crashed (or whatever happened.) Being dedicated to the site, and hoping that the situation would be solved fairly, I remained at my table and continued playing throughout all the confusion.

I would like my entire entry, re-buys, and add-on (Total $71.00) credited back to my account, as I entered what was advertised as a Turbo satellite tournament, cut-off to any re-buys after 30 minutes, and that is not what I ended up playing. Furthermore, when the tables had been stopped entirely, the main tournament page showed a pop up window stating that the tournament had been "CLOSED". This was deceiving to all players.

The general consensus at the tables was that the tournament should have been cancelled entirely, with all money returned to the players that were entered.

I am a dedicated member of your site, and though I have had a few problems in the past, they have always been addressed quickly and professionally. I hope that this matter will be handled in the same way.

I continue to recommend players to your site, and have nothing but good words about the professionalism and fairness of the entire site. It is my hope that I can continue this faith with your company.

Thanks and best regards,

player name: Joanne1111