Friday, February 04, 2005

Is this a sign?


Late Friday afternoon. 5:45pm. The whole night ahead of me.

I am, as per the norm, alone, so I decide that I will play some tournaments tonight. I check the tourney tab and there is one that is seating right away. $10 NLHE. I jump on the bandwagon, register, and within minutes I am seeing the first deal.

Lo and behold….Big Slick.

Now, for the record, I hate playing the first hand in a tournament. In fact, I hate playing the first 10 hands in a tournament. However this opportunity was too good to pass up, so in 6s, with two limpers in front of me, I raise the blind x 3. Two calls after me, and the original two limpers call as well.

Uh oh. Not a good sign.

Flop comes Q, 10, 6 rainbow. One player before me bets out a small amount, and after a few moments deliberation I call, as does everyone else at the table. Turn brings the magical Jack, completing my nut straight.

UTG bets 400. I raise to 900, hoping to scare off everyone and take the pot down right then. However, the small blind re-raises all in, so I call, praying that the river doesn’t pair the board.

Sure enough, another Ten. Buddy completes his full house with his pocket jacks, and I am out of the tournament faster than you can say wtf.

Serves me right for chasing a gut-shot straight draw, but I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come in my poker games tonight.