Friday, February 24, 2006

Addictions and Stuff

Poker not enough for you? Need another addiction to add to your list? Then go visit The Pusher Alan and he will hook you up.

It all starts innocently enough. "Yeah, go check out this link," he says. Of course you do, trusting him, there is simply no way you can foresee the dark path that lies ahead.

All is well at first, it's just recreational. Soon though you find yourself unable to stop at just one. You need to get your fix more and more often until it totally takes over your life. Work gets pushed aside, you begin to neglect your friends. Your life as you knew it has been changed forever.

"Just one more, only one more," you keep telling yourself, though you no longer believe it.

You would think your friends would help you - a little intervention, perhaps, but noooo. Once you show them the source, they become junkies just like yourself. "Ohhh...I got to level 10!" they exclaim, just making you try that much harder to beat your best score.

Soon you find yourself pushing it too. It's no fun to be hooked on it all by yourself. "Just try it once, it's lots of fun. Everyone is doing it," you tell your friends. Of course they do, trusting your judgment, not able to see the consequence of this simple little action.

It's too late for me now, but you can still save yourself. Don't click on the link below, seriously. You will be sorry you did.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Blobby Game