Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Save BG! Plus Other Random Thoughts

If you haven't already heard about the Save BG! campaign, then you obviously don't read enough poker blogs. Since Pauly, Sir Al, Wil, and the rest have written it up so well, I will leave you to follow the links to hear the whole story - but please do what you can to help him out.

Moving on...

I've been super busy still, putting in way more hours than I care to admit on getting our house ready to sell. We are hoping to be done everything within the next month, and will go to Vegas at that time to secure a place. We are actually moving to Henderson - they have a ton of houses for rent, so it looks like we will take that route for the first six months and then decide if we are going to buy. We are up to our ears in paperwork since it isn't that easy to just move from one country to the next, but hopefully soon this part of it will be over.

The biggest consideration we have for getting a place is making sure it has room for guests, since we are anticipating A LOT of people to come visit. Plus, we currently have a tiny house and are in desperate need of more room since we both work from home, so we are looking to resolve that issue when we move as well. Fortunately, there are hundreds of 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom houses for rent there, so I don't see that being an issue.

I have to get ready for the Star Trek ActorWWdN tourney tonight - if you haven't already signed up - get on it, eh?