Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Heading East

In a somewhat last-minute turn of events, I am going to be heading to Ontario this upcoming weekend.

The move there is official and will be happening as soon as I sell my house. Anyone who has been reading me for a while knows that this has been the tentative plan off and on for the past year, but it is happening for sure this summer.

For this trip I am driving rather than flying, which means four long days in the car through Canada on the way there, and at least four for the trip back, which will be through the States and then Canada. There's a chance that if you live in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or anywhere near there, I may look ya up in a couple of weeks.

I am one of those strange people who actually like driving (or even being a passenger) for trips that last days. Especially if it is drving somewhere I have never been before. The scenery is pretty monotonous from Calgary to Winnipeg as it is mostly just farms, but once you get past Winnipeg it turns really beautiful. The Canadian Shield starts, and the flat farmland morphs into rocky, hilly, forest-filled lake country. A few hours inside the Ontario border is where my cabin is located, so that will be one of the stops along the way.

I have never driven through Canada past Kenora, Ontario, so that will be a first. Though it is in the same province, it is still actually 24 hours away from Toronto. I have a feeling that part of the drive is going to drag on a bit- as there aren't even many towns along the way. That plus the O.P.P. has set the speed limit at 90km/hr, and my radar detector is highly illegal there.

I haven't been to Toronto since November of last year, so I am looking forward to seeing a few things again. (Other than friends and family, of course.) First is my car. I haven't seen her in seven months. We left the "highway" car here since it only made sense, and shipped my Sebring convertible to Ontario last year. I feel as though I am being reunited with a pet or a child, I am so excited about seeing her.

The other thing I am really looking forward to is Nandos. I cant believe we don't have this in Western Canada. If you like super-spicy food, this is the place for you - they have the best peri-peri chicken I have ever tasted. Muy caliente. I would eat there every day if I could.

I wont be able to get online everyday while I am out there, so I may not be posting much over the next couple of weeks. If you are on the route, shoot me an email and I will see if we are able to possibly meet up.