Monday, October 09, 2006

Time keeps on ticking

Kid content. No poker here.

I was reading Nickerson's post about his 3-year old daughter and it really hit home just how fast time flies. Next week my daugther will turn 14. Fourteen. That is four years from adulthood. Less than four years to graduation.

Having children young really messes with your mind. I have a lot of friends, real life and IIF's (term borrowed from Gracie), that are around my age and also have children, but most of their kids are under the age of five. There is only a 20-year difference between myself and my daugther. I got to thinking, my Mom was 50 the year I turned 14. My Dad was 54. I look at them now and don't think of them as old, but I am sure I did then.

Jess likes to tease me that I am all old and stuff, but she knows the reality of how young I really am to have someone her age running around calling me Mom. She asked me this morning if it was strange to me that she would be an adult in 4 years and I answered truthfully no, it was just strange associating her as the fourteen year old she is with the baby/toddler/little girl she once was.

Due to recent events though, I am now kind of hoping these four years go by fairly quick. Don't know what I mean? Well for all of you that have young is what you have to look forward to in about a decade's time:

"Mom, my friend's Dad just got 8 tickets to the Guns N Roses concert. Can I go?"

What was once long, silky, naturally honey-blond hair is now short, chopped, cropped jet black hair resembling Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. But you know, female.

"Mom, for my birthday, will you sign so that I can get my eyebrow pierced?"

In response to my "No" on above question - "But you let me get my ears pierced six times"

"Mom, rather than the black hair I have now, I want to dye it lime green with blond streaks"

With the proceeds from her first real paycheque (paycheck for non-canucks) she went to the store and bought knee-high silver stilletto boots

She has four tattoos picked out. I believe this is where the term "over my dead body" comes into play.

That is just all in the past week. Can you imagine what I have in store for me over the next few months?