Monday, September 25, 2006

Tournaments suck, didn't you know?

See, that is the problem with posting. You do it once or twice in the same week, and people come to expect that you will write all the time. Sheesh. But, since someone forcefully told me to asked so nicely that I post again, I figured I would induldge the request and yap nonsensically on here for a while before sleep.

First, the wedding. It truly was a wonderful event. Big congrats again to my brother for not only finding such a wonderful person to marry, but also for convincing her that marrying into our family is a good idea. Don't know how you managed that, Rod, but congrats again!

I also managed to play some poker this weekend, though my results were less than remarkable. I played the 30k last night with mah boyz Hoy and Iak, and Hoy and I proceeded to go out back-to-back after each of us suffered nasty little bad beats, finishing in 1240th (him) and 1241 (me) out of 1274. Not exactly a stellar performance, I know. That's ok - since they both beat me in the 30k, it is my mission to destroy both of them in the MATH tourney tomorrow night but shhh...don't tell them that, it'll just be our little secret. Ah crap - they both read this, my cover is blown. Fine, I'll just issue a little challenge to them both then. Last longer bet, boys? Name your terms.

I then decided to play the 12k tournament and walked straight into the worst run of cards I have seen in a long time. (And I have seen a lot, trust me.) I don't like to complain about being card dead, but even positionally I wasn't able to come up with anything. After the first 1 hour and 22 minutes, these were my stats:

Flop (1) 1%
Turn (1) 1%
River (1) 1%
Showdown (1) 1%

Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total
Pre-flop 0 / 0% 0%
Flop 0 / 0% 0%
Turn 0 / 0% 0%
River 0 / 0% 0%
Showdown 1 / 100% 1%

Nice, eh? I mean, I am a tight player, but come on!

I finished in 61st place out of 235, and it was pretty miraculous that I even made it that far. Anyways, it was definitely amateur night when it came to my play - I couldn't make anything happen so I should have just bailed on poker altogether for the evening. I was just unable to slip into the groove of the table and it clearly showed in my results. Fortunately days like this don't happen too often to me, so I am just going to shrug it off and get back on the horse tomorrow.

Hope everyone who went to the Bash had a blast, I wish I could have been there!