Thursday, October 28, 2004

To Party or Not to Party?

I used to play at UB. I was quite successful there, for a while anyways. For many, many reasons, I decided to try out PokerStars, and haven't ever looked back. Until now, anyways.

I love the interface on Stars. I love the range of games, and I find the tournaments to be challenging, but workable. Also, I have never played better SNG's in my life. But those damn ring games...

For a while, I thought it was just me. My brother (Tactix, from "Bullets In The Hole") has had tremendous success on the ring games at Stars. However, he is a far more disciplined player than I am. But after reading many blogs, I find that there are a number of other players that find them to be quite tough as well. Interestingly though, I find them to be difficult due to the lack of quality play, whereas I have read others find it difficult due to the high level of "good" play there. Bit of a discrepancy. Anyway...

The general consensus seems to lean towards Party Poker as the best place to make money. (At least in the low to mid-range limits.)So now I am trying to decide if I should diversify a bit, and try it out for a while. My other consideration is FullTiltPoker, only because of the 100% deposit bonus. However I have heard mixed reviews about that site, plus it supposedly takes forever to clear the bonus.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?