Friday, April 02, 2010

Bloggers and Donkeys and Rabbits Oh My

After the tremendous turnout at this past week's Mookie, I felt inclined enough to toss up a post as there is a lot up and coming in our little blogger world.

First, the lovely Katitude is hosting another Friday night rebuy TONIGHT - the Killer Rabbit Rebuy. Awesomeness. We will be covering the action on BDR, so don't miss it bitches . Details as follows:

Next: Riggs, Goat, and Buddy are working on a top secret project. I would give you more details but then I would have to taser you ala Chuck Bartowski and we all know that wouldn't be a pretty sight. Here is a bit of a teaser to appease you in the meantime:

Finally, Al has confirmed that there will be a BBT5. It's going to be a different format than years past, but check out his blog over the next little while as I am sure details will be forthcoming.

See you all tonight for some Bunny Slayer action, and don't forget to tune in to BDR!