Saturday, June 28, 2008

Insanity Ensues

I am beginning to think that I really am a sucker for punishment.

As anyone who reads me will know, my daughter's friend moved in with us a little while ago. It was originally only supposed to be until the end of the summer, but I'm fairly certain we are keeping her for good now. In my mind she is part of the family now anyways.

Two daugthers I can deal with.

Then there is the friend who lives up the street. She is over almost every night, and in turn has taken up semi-permanent residence on our couch.

Fine. Two daugthers and a friend, I can deal with.

About a week ago, my daughter asked if her two friends (who live 3 hours North of here) could come stay with us on Saturday, meaning today. I didn't even really think about it, just agreed, figuring it would be for the weekend. These guys do that all the time, travel between the two cities and hang out at each other's houses for a few days at a time.

Well imagine my surprise then when I returned from driving daughter #2 to work this morning, to find some unknown parents in a minivan unloading suitcases full of stuff onto our driveway. Yes, the girls had arrived, and are staying for 10 days. TEN. Lord help me. Yes, my daugther neglected to pass on that little detail to me.

That brings the house count to six females plus two cats (yes, they are both female too) so I'm already on estrogen overload. Be warned, if you are a male friend of mine, chances are I will be hitting you up on chat a little more than usual throughout this duration as I
have a feeling I'll be seeking out a testosterone fix or two here soon.


Update on the new job: it is fabulous. I am thoroughly enjoying it, feel very comfortable there, and am really happy that I made the decision to go back to a structured schedule. Yes, I'm still working 7 days a week, and havent had a day off since May 23rd, BUT - believe it or not - I actually have two days off next week, two days off next weekend, and then five days off for Okie the week after. Wow - talk about a slacker, eh? I don't know how I mananged to get so many days off, but they are very much needed, I assure you.

So other than the Okie trip, what am I going to do with my four whole days off? I'd love to say that I am going to be off doing something fabulous, but the truth is I will be doing nothing more than cleaning my house. It has been seriously neglected since I've been working so much, and it is high time to do something about it. The girls do the day-to-day stuff like dishes and vacuuming, but I still have boxes that need sorting, furniture that needs placing, things that need painting, etc., etc.
Rather than dreading it though, I am actually looking forward to getting everything in order, so that is a good thing I suppose.

Sadly though, today is not one of those days that I have off, so I'm on my way in to work now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!